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Tete A Tete Tropical


The original batucada tropical


From Rio to Miami, Luanda to Lisbon, Amsterdam to Tokyo, MDA GROOVE  is a musical travelogue, a kaleidoscopic journey into a world of adventure.

Music like a heart thumping Batucada rhythm with soft and sensual melodies and the multi flavoured sounds of Disco, House, Funk, Electronica and World beats.

The new MDA GROOVE repertoire is produced by José Salvador & Alain Eskinasi at the Portland Sound Studios. Music published and released by Tomorrow Is Now Kid!


Brazil, Electro, House, Afrobeat, Funk, Disco, World Beats.

Members José Salvador (a.k.a. Zé Salvador a.k.a. Joseph Salvador) with Alain Eskinasi and guest artists.

Hometown Amsterdam, Lisbon

Record label Tomorrow Is Now Kid!

Manager Joseph Salvador @ Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! dot Com

Influences House, Disco, Brazil, Electro, World Tech, Tropical beats, Afrobeat, World music.

Location Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact MDA Groove

Management: Joseph Salvador
Label: Tomorrow is Now, Kid!
tel: + 31 (0)20 755 83 03
e-mail: info at tomorrowisnowkid dot com

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MDA Groove discography


Blame It On The Groove (TINKTWICE010) Digital
Tete A Tete Tropical (2011 Remixes) (TINKTWICE005) Digital
Batucada Tropical (TINKTWICE004) Digital

MDA feat. Lilian Vieira:

Tete A Tete Tropical (TINK003) maxi single 12"
CD single E.P. EMI Records - TINK! Records
TINK! Dance Cuts vol.1 CD album EMI Records-TINK! Records

MDA feat. Sloopy Mike Gyamfi:

Mumudé TINK! Dance Cuts vol.1 - CD album EMI Records - TINK! Records

Other MDA releases

MDA feat. Nayma:

Amor (Sony Music, CD single, 12" maxi, CD albums)

MDA feat. Kika Santos:

Por quem não esqueci / Dar e receber (Sony Music, CD single, 12" maxi, CD albums)

MDA feat. Sam:

Estou Além / Amor é o vinho (Sony Music, CD single, 12" maxi)

MDA feat. Dora:

Um lugar ao sol (Sony Music, CD single, 12" maxi, CD albums)
Um lugar ao sol - remixes (Sony Music, CD single, 12" maxi)

MDA feat. Various Artists:

1996 VOL.1 (Sony Music, CD album)

MDA feat. Various Artists:

Regresso ao Admirável Mundo Novo (Sony Music, CD album)

MDA Groove

1997 | Amsterdam, Holland


Vocals | Singer


Vocals | Singer


Vocals | Singer